First Meeting with the Deloitte Team

Hi Folks,

Today, myself and the rest of the Innovation Circle crew had our first meeting with the team at Deloitte to discuss how we're going to use the $4,000 worth of in-kind support that we won in the Social Innovators pitch event a couple of weeks ago.

Rod, Ed and Marie-Anne from Deloitte chatting away to Troy, Mike and Steve from the Innovation Circle.  Mark and BJ from QVMAG are hiding out of frame.

The meeting went really well and we're all quite excited about the possibilities that this extra help from Deloitte will open up for us.  Chances are, we're going to work with Deloitte to develop a formal model for the Innovation Circle (which we can use to help other cultural institutions create Innovation Circles of their own), as well as working on a grant application for sometime early next year.  In particular, we're interested in getting a bit more equipment to help us develop better digital interactives, and to support our expanding educational events program.

We'd like to say thanks to Rod, Ed and Marie-Anne from Deloitte for taking the time to come down to the Battery Shed and hear all about the Innovation Circle in person.  Sorry if we walked too much guys!

Of course, we'll keep you posted as things continue to develop!  Stay tuned!