Interview With Penny Terry from ABC Radio

Today we had the great pleasure to be visited at the Battery Shed by Penny Terry from ABC Radio.  Penny asked us about the Innovation Circle, the Alfa Romeo Digital Interactive project and some of the ideas behind the project.

Mike and I monopolised the conversation a bit, but Troy, Nat and Steve were about as well and talked to Penny about some of the work they've been doing over the past few weeks -- mostly related to building the first prototype for the Alfa Digital Interactive.  We have a digital prototype coming together already (basically dials and switches in the real world changing the state of dials and switches on a digital 3D model via the network).

Penny Terry from ABC Radio interviewing our BFB Rapman 3D Printer

In time, we'll start integrating this digital model with a rough physical prototype, which will enable us to drive real dials, rather than just the ones we're graphically representing on a screen.

We told Penny that we're hoping to have a working prototype built by Christmas and we've invited Penny to come back and visit us then, and see if she can start the car in our simulation herself!

Oh, I should also mention that Penny took the time to interview our most charismatic team member, our 3D printer.  Apparently you'll be able to hear the printer's stepper motors humming away on the radio later this afternoon.

If you'd like to listen to the interview, you can stream it here.

Take care folks!