Rebuilding Launceston In Minecraft

On Monday and Tuesday the Battery Shed was filled with 32 kids from 5-10 years old (16 on each day) playing Minecraft!  All of the children were working in the same world at the same time, which enabled them to collaborate with one another and see what other participants were building in realtime throughout the day.

The overall aim was to create a model of Launceston in our own little Minecraft world made of buildings from different times. For example, we had three clock towers/post offices, one being the old, shorter one and two of the taller, new ones. 

Hacking away on Minecraft.

Check out that concentration!

Working from a reference photograph.

The schedule for both days went something like this:

We started with sign ins and paper work (all the boring but necessary stuff) at the education centre of the museum with Kellie at the administration helm (while Nathaniel sat off to the side and looked cool with his foam replica Minecraft sword). After completing the obligatory paperwork we loaded everyone's laptops onto a trolley and ventured forth for the Battery Shed.

Then we began the mammoth task of setting up everyone's computers and connecting them to our in-house Minecraft server. After the initial setup Kellie whisked the kids away back to the museum while Troy, John, Bridgette and Nathaniel made sure all the tech was running smoothly. Over at the museum Kellie guided the students to the Lego "brixhibition" of Civic Square on display and the community history section where Jon and Ross showed them images and maps of Launceston across varying time periods. We hoped that these would help get the creative juices flowing before we started building things in Minecraft later in the day.

Then, we had a quick morning tea break, before returning to the Battery Shed to decide on what everyone wanted to start building! We had both individuals diligently working away as well as a number of small groups working collaboratively. Stopping only for a lunch break the whole group built very quickly completing even more than we expected! 

Town Hall

St John Street

Macquarie House

Paul from The Examiner interviewing learning a thing or two about Minecraft from one of our resident experts.

At the end of the day, The Examiner stopped by to take some photos and shoot a short video, which included some interviews with some of the participants.  If you'd like to give that video a look, you can find it here.

Also, if you're a Minecraft player and you'd like to check out what was built during the two days of the program, you can download our final Minecraft world file here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the program over the past couple of days and to all of the people who took the time to help organise the event.  For a pilot program, we're super pleased about how well everything has gone!  Who knows, maybe we'll do it again sometime!