Innovation Circle Online

When we're not at the Battery Shed, you can usually find us chattering away online somewhere.  We use Telegram regularly for instant messaging, and you'll also find Innovation Circle/Battery Shed communities on other social platforms (such as Spotify and Steam).  You'll also find us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you want to hook into any of our online chat rooms and communities, you should find the links you need on this page.


If you want to follow along on social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here are our accounts and usernames.

Facebook / innovationcircle

Twitter / @batteryshed

Instagram / @batteryshed

Our most actively used account is Instagram, so if you use Instagram yourself, that's the best place to follow us for the latest updates from the shed.

Innovation Circle Chat

Our main chat channel is the Innovation Circle Chat group on Telegram.  We use this group for sharing links, chatting about what's going on, and generally keeping up to date with what's happening at the Innovation Circle.

This channel can get pretty busy, so most of us turn push notifications off and just check the channel when we have a few minutes spare during the day.  You'll need to log in to your Telegram account to join the Innovation Circle chat group.

The Battery Shred!

A lot of us in the Innovation Circle community are into music and we love sharing some of our favourite with one another.  After Joe, Shaun and James annoyed Bruce for the last time by spamming up the Innovation Circle chat talking about music into the early hours of the morning, Nathaniel took matters into his own hands and created the "Battery Shred" group.

Now, all enthusiastic chatter about music happens in that group, so that the main Innovation Circle chat channel can be used for more important things, like cat pictures, or whatever.

Shaun's even built us a bot to announce when things are added to the playlist in the Telegram chat room.  Fancy!

Innovation Circle on steam

As avid gamers, we have a steam group for sharing and playing games of every genre (though it may just devolve (*Cough*) evolve into Path of Exile build chat and multiplayer, if James has his way). It's a little quiet at the moment, as we're all too busy playing the games but feel free to jump in and start a conversation. 


We also have a number of groups that we've set up for particular projects.  If you're involved in an ongoing project, you should make sure you're keeping an eye on the official Telegram channel for that project.

The Train Sim

If you're working on the Train Sim, this is the group to join!  This team is always looking for extra help with programming, 3D modelling and basically anything else related to the project.

If you'd like to get involved, jump into the Telegram chat and let the team know.


During 2015, the Queen Victoria Museum is rolling out a new ArtPlay space at the Royal Park Art Gallery.  A team from the Innovation Circle are helping to come up with a number of installations that will be set up in this space, including projects that involve the Kinect, Makey Makey and some locally designed and built hardware from Definium Technologies.

If you'd like to get involved with these projects, join the Telegram chat channel and let people know how you'd like to help out.