Student Games from Level Up in Term 2, 2016

So that you can all download your games (and revisit other games that other teams in the course developed), we've put all of your games on this secret page on the Innovation Circle website.

Thank you for participating in Level Up this term!  James, Joe, Bridgette and myself had a blast working with you this term and we hope you've had a good time and learned a thing or two along the way!

For each game, there's a Shockwave Flash download, which is the playable game, as well as the Stencyl file, which can be used to edit the game and keep working on it at home if you'd like to.  If you'd like to download Stencyl at home, you can get it for Windows and OSX from the Stencyl website.

So, now that that's said, without further ado, here are the games!

Chris and Will - Ninja Run

Hayden - The tablet

Jack & Will's Chronicles

Lily - SAPPHIRE sword

Logan and Jesse - NBJ

Nick - Quest not to have a taco for a head

Reece and Chuggy - Underground Escape

Ruby and Rory - No bad times

Ryan and Seb - Cyborg

Tali - Fruits vs birds