Where is the Battery Shed?

The Innovation Circle is hosted by the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, in the Battery Shed at Inveresk.

The Battery Shed on the Inveresk Museum site was the place that train batteries were brought to be recharged, back in the days when trains were still an active form of transportation in the city of Launceston.  The venting structures that were used to clear fumes out of the Battery Shed are still present in some parts of the building, with large ducts running through the ceiling and out into the open sky.


We don't tend to work on trains, but nonetheless, the Innovation Circle has some similarities to the work that has taken place in the in the Battery Shed at Inveresk over the course of history.  Like the technicians of the past, we work with technology, aim to understand how things work and try to keep old equipment running past its intended use-by date.

The Battery Shed itself is broken up into four zones.  There is a workshop, which we use as our main working space.  In this area, we work on physical prototypes using 3D printers, develop custom electronics, repair old equipment and work on other projects.  The workshop is an open space covered in computer, wires, prototyping boards, circuits and blinking lights!

Attached to the workshop are two office spaces, which are used for more intensive design and software development work, such as brainstorming, designing custom components, 3D modelling and computer programming.  The Battery Shed also includes a large meeting room, which we regularly use as a breakout and overflow space.

How To Find Us

The Battery Shed is to the right of the main museum entrance, around the side of the building.  It's near the staff carpark and between the main museum building and the Tamar Estuary.

Opening Hours

Because the Innovation Circle is currently a part time organisation, the Battery Shed isn't always open.  If you'd like to come visit, the best thing to do is to contact us via email, and make an appointment to stop by.

That said, if you do want to try your luck with an unplanned visit, we currently aim to have the Battery Shed open from 10am to 4pm every Saturday at a minimum.  If you're ever in doubt, send us an email and we'll make sure the doors are open when you're planning to stop by.

At this point in time, the Battery Shed is only open during museum opening hours, except when we have specific out-of-hours events planned.