Our charter

Ask before you do

Be careful of your actions

Fix your mistakes

Ask before you help others

Respect everyone's structures


How to add the Minecraft Worlds so you can play at home: 


If you need any help with this or run into any issues, email me at nat@natbott.com

Program Overview:

Week 1 - We introduced ourselves and started some discussions as to the goal for the rest of the program, then got stuck into a team activity. Everyone was divided up into teams of four for a game of The Walls, where the goal is to build something as a group in 35 minutes.

After the walls dropped, the groups had a vote to decide who would be our building champs. Among the creations was sculptures of Adventure Time characters, Minecraft mobs and blocks and a redstone fireworks and light show. Our winners however built a whole island resort including the ocean surrounding it.

Week 2 - This week began with reflection on how the previous session went, specifically focusing on issues that may have come up or concerns among the group. This led to the development of our charter (see above), a list of guidelines that set out how we would behave in the Minecraft world and in the room. We then began work designing and building the spawn area, considering the needs and wants of everyone, while also firmly embedding the charter so it was obvious to anyone who might view the world in the future what values were important. 

Week 3 - We started with a tour around the new spawn area to make sure everything was completed and adding the final touches. We also continued discussion as to the functional aspects of the spawn, specifically relating to the portal room and how this connected to the major project we would be working on for the remaining three weeks. This then led to the major project brainstorm, where the group decided to build a minigame world. We then voted on which minigame we would most like to work on, with the four most popular being selected and assigned a team.

Week 4 - The design and building of mini games begins! The teams discuss the functional design, aesthetics and rules for each of their games. The projects include:

  • Skywars: A resource based minigame where players are on individual islands with minimal resources and must make use of their surroundings to survive.
  • Hunger Games: Based on the popular movie series. Much like Skywars but with strategy relying more on geological elements instead of a lack thereof.
  • Cheese Battles: An original minigame focused on mobility and agility as players move about a floating platform armed with highly coveted cheese blocks.
  • Murder: A team focused minigame where players must group together to beat a player who is "it."

Discussion surrounding these games also involved the discussion of conflict management in the real world and how these situations fit within the charter as specific game contexts.

As the building was going on, Donelle interviewed the groups to see what they had enjoyed and learnt in the program:

Week 5 - Building on the minigames are just about done. Some of the games are play tested to ensure that the rules are properly outlined, that they are fair and so the designers can start to iterate on their builds to add or improve the experience.

The girls also had important Taylor Swift related business to attend to so they were going to miss out on the reflection in the last session. Instead, they recorded some footage of their parkour course:

Week 6 - For our last week we played our mini games and did some written reflection, which you can check for everyone who was there on the side panel of this page.

Thanks to everyone who came along to be part of Minecraft Club!

Student reflections