Multi-purpose Museum Control Board

In the process of developing the Alfa RLS Digital Interactive, we started to perceive a need for a lightweight, inexpensive and flexible control board, which could be used to manage inputs and outputs for the Alfa project.  This idea has since evolved to become something bigger: a project to build a multi-purpose control board for museum exhibits and interactives.

There aren't too many people around who can build custom hardware, but we're very fortunate to have Mike Cruse from Definium Technologies working closely with the Innovation Circle.  Mike has just the right background to design and produce a new control board for the Alfa Interactive, and to make sure that the board has enough flexibility to be the brains behind other Innovation Circle projects in the future.

Mike is currently in the process of designing the new board, which will ultimately be produced in small runs to support Innovation Circle projects.  Before long, we hope that these devices will be used throughout the QVMAG to control and monitor exhibitions and to provide low cost, low energy processing power for digital interactive exhibits.